Providing Proof

Providing Proof, Texas Private Investigator A True P.I

Providing proof with matrimonial investigation or divorce investigation can assist a client toward a more positive divorce settlement. Our investigator searches for true evidence and true facts on a cheating spouse or cheating partner to prove “Inclination and Opportunity”.

Inclination is defined as the subject and the other person being observed holding hands, kissing or showing some type of affection beyond casual friendship.

Opportunity is defined as the subject and the other person being observed entering a motel, hotel, apartment, residence, and even a vehicle, just about anywhere that adultery can be committed.

This evidence is provided in our marriage, matrimonial, marital, and divorce private investigations. The evidence is usually in form of a DVD video and accompanied with detailed reports.

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity, A True P.I

No one wants to hear these words – Cheating, affair, affairs, infidelity, adultery, cheating spouse, cheating husband, extramarital, cheaters, love affair, cheating boyfriend, cheating girlfriend, bigamy, polygamy, multiple boyfriends, multiple girlfriends. Our Private Investigators will stop the pain, fear, anxiety, stress and find the truth!

Deciding to have your spouse, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend investigated for cheating on you is a very hard and painful decision to make. Our private investigators help clients like you confirm or refute these suspicions. Unfortunately, once you suspect infidelity, adultery or an affair, your suspicion is usually correct.

If your worst fear has come true, we will provide you with detailed reports, and conclusive and irrefutable evidence such as e–mails, asset records, phone records and/or surveillance records. We have state–of–the–art technology at our disposal to gather the information you need.

Our investigators keep you informed throughout the investigation. We will provide answers to your questions. Although this investigation is most often requested by one of the partners in the relationship, we have also helped parents, their children and concerned friends obtain, or verify, the truth concerning an individual. We offer:

  • Marriage and matrimonial investigations
  • Divorce investigation
  • Pre–marital investigation.

A True P.I. has experience and knowledge to help you through this troubling time and help you move forward with your life:

  • We conduct the surveillance
  • We keep the client informed
  • We prepare a detailed report
  • We make and deliver a DVD of the investigation.