Stolen Property & Recovery

Stolen Property & recovery, A True P.I

The police do not have the resources to investigate every stolen property crimes unless it is part of a bigger operation usually involving grand theft reports by the same individual or groups of individuals. They will not always devote their full interest and time to your case. At A True P.I., we are committed to you.

Our private investigators are professional criminal investigators. We have decades of investigative experience. We have law enforcement and military experience and training. We use state–of–the–art equipment to gather evidence. Our criminal investigations will provide facts that lead to true evidence and the possible recovery of your stolen property.

We will assess your case and determine whether your stolen property can be recovered. If they are leads in your case, we will proceed with our investigation.

Unsolved Crime Investigation

Unsolved Crime Investigation, A True P.I

Unsolved crimes are unsolved crimes. Someone has to account for those crimes. At A True P.I., we can help you when the police investigation has reached a dead end and when everyone else has given up. These crimes can include unsolved murders and homicide, and unsolved robberies and theft.

Sometimes these cases are decades old. Evidence sits in boxes collecting dust. Sometimes the evidence has been lost forever.

Our private investigators have law enforcement and military experience and training. We have decades of investigative experience. We ultimately attempt to identify the person or persons responsible for these unsolved crimes and seek justice for the victims.

With the introduction of state–of–the–art equipment not available in the past, old evidence can be analyzed. Old evidence can provide new leads. Our investigation on these unsolved crimes can provide a new direction.

Missing Persons & Runaways

Missing Persons & Runaways, A True P.I

People disappear for many reasons. Most individuals return. A small percentage does not. At A True P.I : Private Investigators Houston we attempt to find and locate missing persons, runaways, missing loved ones, missing family members mother, father, brother, sister, sibling, and children, birth parents mother and father, and abducted children.

Our investigators will perform a background check on the missing individual and attempt to contact any family members, former and current neighbors, former and current employers, known friends and associates, and former and current spouse to locate your missing person. This is thorough search. If possible, we will attempt to visually confirm the address or current whereabouts of this person.

We will provide updated report when new information becomes available. We are committed in locating the people you love. If this person has been missing for a long time, we may employ a forensic sketch artist to draw a best possible progression sketch image.

Listening Device Detection & invasion of privacy

Listening Device Detection & invasion of privacy, A True P.I

Do you get the strange feeling that you are being watched? Do you have strange conversations where the other person knows everything about you? Do you hear strange noises on you phone? Does it seem that someone has been using your computer? A True P.I. is committed to your privacy.

Unfortunately, electronic surveillance devices recording your every sound, movement and keystrokes, commonly known as bugs, has improved over the years. Our private investigators are experienced at finding listening devices, eavesdropping devices, recording devices, wireless devices, security cameras, audio and video surveillance devices, snooping devices, and microphones.

We understand the many applications of electronic surveillance devices since we use them every day in our line of private investigative work. Our private investigators will examine your situation. We will conduct a visual and electronic inspection sweep. We will inspect all your electronic equipment, including your computers and cell phones, and conduct tests.

Undercover Investigator

Undercover Investigator, A TrueP.I

Theft, drugs, alcohol, harassment, sexual harassment, and vandalism –– Businesses cannot afford these illegal activities at the workplace. Stop these illegal activities and find the truth!

Deciding to have your employees or your workplace investigated for theft, drugs, alcohol, harassment, sexual harassment, and vandalism can improve your work environment and your profit margin. At A True P.I., we provide undercover agents and private investigators to investigate these illegal activities.

We will meet with your company representative to discuss your goals. We will assess your needs and insert one or more undercover agents in your organization. During the course of our undercover investigation, we will accumulate detailed reports, and conclusive evidence such as surveillance records (photos, videos and/or audio recordings), e–mails, interviews, and/or phone records. We have state–of–the–art technology at our disposal to gather the information you need. We will provide answers to your questions.


Surveillance, providing proof, A True P.I

Are you concerned about your spouse? Are you uneasy about your business partner? Are you worried about a family member? Surveillance is the observation and monitoring of a person’s activities or activities surrounding a location from a distance with electronic equipment.

Our private investigators provide first–rate physical and electronic surveillance. We are extremely careful. We use state–of–the–art equipment to gather facts and evidence. Our investigators have law enforcement and military experience as well as training. Some surveillance jobs may require our private investigator to perform an undercover investigation.

We provide detailed reports and any evidence uncovered from our surveillance. We gather facts to aid you in making a better informed decision.

We provide surveillance for many types of investigations:

  • Marriage investigation
  • Discrimination investigation
  • Undercover investigation
  • Workers compensation investigation
  • Witness location, skip trace and people search
  • Criminal investigation
  • Sexual harassment investigation.